Inbound Marketing Certified!

Over the last few months I’ve been taking the HubSpot Inbound Marketing course. Today I passed the exam and am officially certified.

“What is Inbound Marketing?,” you may ask. The short answer is that it’s an approach to marketing that emphasizes attracting potential-customer interest in ways that are focused on a web-visitor’s interests (that’s the inbound part) instead of trying to grab a web-visitor’s attention by, say, sending out telemarketing calls or creating pop-up ads that interfere with his or her web-viewing.

The reason I’m interested in this kind of marketing, which is also called content marketing, is that in 2003 I was hired as an instructional designer to create instructional content for companies that were engaging in content marketing, but I didn’t realize it. I’m now interested in creating more of that kind of content, so I decided I’d better get more savvy about a prospective client’s strategy.

There’s lots more to say about all this, but for now I’m happy to have passed the exam and reached the first goal on the way to working in this field.


Starting a 7-Day Start a Blog Course

I joined Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend program on Tuesday, 11/3. The hook was his urging/challenging me to do work that I love. I have sought to do this more than once, and as we all know, beyond preparation and execution there is an imponderable something, e.g., “timing is everything,” or “location, location, location,” etc.” I’m calling it luck not because I believe in luck (luck does not actually exist), but because in an uncanny way it’s like luck.
Just for the record, I have had something like luck, which is partly why I’m still here and able to give it another spin. I have real gratitude for the work I have done over the last…well, since the early 70s sometime in LA, my many jobs. and my actual career, starting in the mid-90s. But I have never been able to, in effect, quit my day job and do the work I love. That’s what this is about now.

Today I’m starting on Dinsmore’s 7-Day Start-A-Blog Dream Job Writing Challenge! Step 1: Do something! Start a blog! For the record, I’ve had a blog, with exactly one minimal post, since July. I’m re-launching it today (new name too).
In the 7-Day course email about starting a blog and getting started writing are four fundamentals for creating “a blog that matters”:

  1. Have a purpose that matters. I need to be able to describe it so other people will want to join me.
  2. Help people. My actual goal is to be part of the perennial process by which some people endeavor to figure out how thinking works, what thinking even is, and pass it forward for the rest of us. I want to help people in this big-picture sense. There is a smaller-picture sense in which I want to help kids encounter math, but that is not yet well-formulated.
  3. Write mind-blowing content. One of the people who helped Dinsmore calls this “writing epic shit.”
  4. Make real connections. What I need to massively change is not the people I’ve connected with, but the deep world of other people I have not connected with.

This is my vector into the future.